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Volumetric solutions as well as percent solutions are made with reagent grade raw materials. Standardized solutions are accurate to within 0.2% of stated value. Ion chromatography standards are made with high purity inorganic salts, and 18 Megaohm DI water, and standardized to within a 0.3% tolerance.

Conductivity/potassium chloride standards to within 0.5% of stated value. Clinical/Medical use stains are made with 0.2 micron filtered DI water and raw materials certified by the Biological Stain Commission.

Batches are documented with lot numbers, customer name (for customer products), and test results. NIST Traceable Testing Standards are routinely used where applicable.



Exaxol ICP Standards

Multiple quality control steps are observed when preparing our high purity ICP standards and ICP-MS standards. We begin with the purification of the starting materials. This purification is time consuming, but the final, high purity product is the goal.

Stoichiometry is controlled during this process, allowing for the streamlining of the standardization checks later on. The purified product is then checked for trace impurities by ICP methods.

Typically, each starting material has a purity between 99.998% to 99.999%. Other ingredients include high purity acids and ASTM Type I water (18 Megaohm).

Exaxol Glassware

Our glassware is pre-cleaned. Our pipets, burets and flasks are class A certified and re-tested with documentation. Our analytical balance is calibrated regularly with NIST weights. Each batch of stock standard is carefully tested and recorded with lot number, test results via classical wet chemistry, primary standards used, and standardized to a tolerance of +/- 0.3% of specified value.

Most standards have a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the order date, with the exception of a few elements which have a guaranteed shelf life of one year from the order date.

Exaxol Multi-Element Standard

Exaxol welcomes orders for custom multi-element ICP standards as well as other custom standards. Exaxol custom standards are carefully prepared using our high purity standardized solutions that are traceable to NIST.

The quality of our custom standards is evidenced by the loyalty of our customers who continue to trust us with their custom blend needs year after year.

Each custom blend is submitted to a multiple check QC Procedure which verifies: elements, concentration, lot numbers, expiration date, aliquots, pipets, and matrices.

All certification data is included on the Certificate of Analysis.

Most custom standards guaranteed for one year and to an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the stated value. They are made from the highest purity starting materials (typically 99.999%), 18 Megaohm Type I Water, High Purity Acid Matrices using Calibrated Class A pre-cleaned glassware. We offer competitive pricing and unsurpassed quality and service. Call us if you would like to discuss any questions concerning your special multi-element needs at: 727-524-7732. Quotes for custom standards are returned to you within 24 hours.

You may use your own records to submit data to us or use our custom request form. We recommend keeping the total concentration of elements in a custom standard below 20,000 ppm to minimize potential precipitation problems.

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