Single Element (1,000µg/mL)
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Single Element (1,000µg/mL)

Exaxol AA Standards are made with reagent grade salts, metals and acids. The same QC program applies for these AA Standards as specified for our ICP Standards. Certificates of analysis are available upon request and all standards are NIST Traceable. Each standard is certified with a one year shelf life from the order date.

Product Code Price
ALUMINUM AA A0046 $13.23 each
ANTIMONY AA A0088 $13.23 each
ARSENIC AA A0091 $13.23 each
BARIUM AA B0395 $13.23 each
BERYLLIUM AA B0410 $13.23 each
BISMUTH AA B0413 $13.23 each
BORON AA B0434 $13.23 each
CADMIUM AA C1003 $13.23 each
CALCIUM AA C1018 $13.23 each
CHROMIUM (Cr+3) AA C1056 $13.23 each
CHROMIUM (Cr+6) AA C1055 $13.23 each
COBALT AA C1060 $13.23 each
COPPER AA C1075 $13.23 each
GOLD AA G2712 $46.00 each
IRON AA I4781 $13.23 each
LANTHANUM AA L4906 $13.23 each
LEAD AA L4909 $13.23 each
LITHIUM AA L4918 $13.23 each
MAGNESIUM AA M5009 $13.23 each
MANGANESE AA M5018 $13.23 each
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