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About Exaxol

About Exaxol

Exaxol Chemical Corporation was founded in 1988 by Joseph and Serena Papa.

Over the years, Exaxol has grown its product line to include standardized testing solutions, ICP Standards, ICP-MS Standards, Atomic Absorption Standards, Conductivity Standards, Ion Chromatography Standards, pH Buffer Calibration Standards, as well as other aqueous standards and reagents for chemistry.

To address the need for quality and reliability, Exaxol offers quick turn-around time with the highest degree of specifications.

Exaxol maintains a fully functional manufacturing Laboratory in Genoa, Italy.

Exaxol sells its products directly as well as private label and has earned a high degree of reliability for quality and expertise among the major distributors in the U.S.

Exaxol is proud to manufacture some of the most difficult standardized solutions used in Histology and Hematology as well as in Food and Beverage. These require multiple testing to the highest tolerances. They are sold and marked under private OEM label, as well as our own.

Our products are manufactured to the tightest tolerances possible, surpassing most brands in the market and in accordance to an ISO 9001 Quality System. Our pricing structure has, over the years, consistently offered superior value to the end user.